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Daniel San José Sanjuan is a video editor, photographer, filmmaker, drone pilot and water cameraman, and has been working on audio visual projects for more than 10 years.

Each of Daniel’s project reflects the experience he has gathered over the years, but also shows his love for video and photography. Each story he tells and each image he shows is part of many journeys. 

Daniel knows that to discover you have to explore, and to explore you have to travel. That's why his videos and his photos are not characteristic of a place, he has travelled, recorded and created part of its history through cities and countries so magical and interesting like Australia, Japan, Canada, Iceland…


Why does Daniel refer to his work as stories?

Because he believes there is a story behind everything and he loves capture that with his camera and show it to the world. 


After working in different fields, such as documentaries, television programs, audio visual reports, short films and live sports; seeing different cultures, and workingin very different environments, he knows that the most beautiful and magical moments are hidden in any corner.

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